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Heat Pumps Calgary

Have you been thinking about ways you can reduce your carbon footprint? Canadians depend on natural gas to heat and cool their homes and in Alberta with a temperature range from -40 to +40 when our weather hits extremes, we depend greatly on natural gas to do the job. But what if there was an alternative? Keep reading!

A heat pump is like an electrical assist on a bike

What is a Heat Pump?

Adding a heat pump to your existing furnace is like adding an electrical assist to your bike. Much like an electric bike helps to conserve your energy for those hard to climb hills, a heat pump helps optimize the heating function of your furnace during those extreme temperature dips in the winter and can also cool your home like an air conditioner. Plus, a heat pump helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of natural gas needed to heat and cool your house.

Reduce your carbon footprint with a heat pump

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump uses thermal energy to extract energy from the air outside and transfers it inside your home. The compressor inside the device uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air. The heat pump can also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside. The hot or cold air is then pushed through your home’s regular ducts and vents. In Alberta, heat pumps are most effective when temperatures are between +20 degrees and -20 degrees celsius. During the extreme cold, the furnace will kick in to maintain the heating temperature. The heat pump will properly maintain the cooling in all temperatures.

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Adapting Heat Pumps to our Canadian Climate

NRCAN video that shows how a heat pump works

NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) created the following video to help explain how a heat pump works in a Canadian climate.

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